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Tom chose to become a life coach from the perspective that our organizations and communities can create the world we desire only when they have the ability to design from a new perspective or paradigm; and, in turn, this will happen only when we, as individuals, have the skills and abilities to look at our own lives differently, and to design our life from a place of embodiment.

Tom has the following certifications:

  • as an Associate Certified Coach, by the International Coaching Federation;
  • as a somatic coach, by the Strozzi Institute;
  • as an ontological coach, by the Newfield Network; and,
  • as a voice coach, by Full Voice. See Services for more information on these modalities. 

After completing a twenty-nine year legal and compliance career in Minneapolis in 2016, Tom relocated to Northern California to establish Still Pond, starting a second career to assist others to live powerful and purposeful lives.

In addition to his coaching practice, Tom is the founder of Sacred Discourse,.